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Through the efforts of District 7470's Past District Governor, Bob Pityo, The Rotary Club of Lake Hopatcong became involved in a widely popular literacy program which provides third grade students with their own personal desk dictionary. Based upon research of school administrators nationwide, the third grade students are the focus of the program because it is the year students begin to work independently.  They begin to read, write and think creatively and at this stage of their academic career, a dictionary is the first and most useful reference tool a child can own.  The Rotary Club of Lake Hopatcong purchases Webster Dictionaries for each of the 350 third graders attending schools surrounding the Lake Area. Hopatcong's Tulsa Trail School, Roxbury's, Nixon School and Mt. Arlington School.


Larry Martin, club member and coordinator of the Dictionary Project said, "It is the intention of the Rotary Club of Lake Hopatcong to continue the Dictionary Project each year as new third grade students enter these schools.  Larry and other Rotarians conduct a discussion session with students at the three elementary schools regarding the mission of Rotary and its influences in the public community, students from all the third grade classes enthusiastically looked up words and answered questions regarding spelling and work definitions.  Each of the school Principals concluded each program expressing satisfaction the Rotary Club get involved in promoting academics and community involvement.

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